Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earth Day Magazine Sale - Yearly subscriptions starting at $4.50 a year!

To celebrate our great planet and earth day, Tanga is offering an Earth Day Magazine Sale where you can get new subscriptions or renew your existing subscription starting at just $4.50 a year.  When you purchase from Tanga you are supporting a small company of just 15 people!!

Plus, you are getting the magazine for way cheaper then subscribing directly through the magazine company.  For example, normally my Taste of Home magazine would cost me $12 a year, but when renewing through Tanga I paid $4 a year!

Save 88% on Better Homes and Garden - just $4.99 a year
Better Homes & Gardens continues to keep the “how to” tradition that has made it a newsstand fixture for nearly 75 years. Its focus on the home’s interior & exterior make it a perfect compliment to more broad-based editorials.

Save 83% on Country Living Magazine - just $6.99 a year
Each issue of Country Living Magazine brings a country approach to a wide range of topics, from decorating, building, and restoring old homes to cooking, entertaining, gardening, travel and more.

Save 67% on Birds & Bloom Magazine - just $8.99 a year
Take outdoor enjoyment to new heights with America’s #1 bird and garden magazine. You’ll love up-close bird and flower photos, amazing reader-shared “Bird Tales”, time and money-saving backyard tips and proven birding & gardening advice!

Save 77% on Organic Gardening Magazine - just $12.99 a year
This magazine has all you need to grow bigger, better, more healthy vegetables and flowers all without using chemicals. Landscaping ideas, craft projects, equipment, and food preservation and preparation articles round out the comprehensive coverage.

Save 87% on Backpacker Magazine - just $4.50 a year
For outdoor enthusiasts with special emphasis on backpacking, hiking, and camping. This magazine of wilderness travel, offers practical “you can do it—here’s how” advice to enjoy every trip. Filled with the best places, gear and information for all kinds of hiking and camping trips with fold-out maps and stunning color photography.

Save 87% on Old House Journal - just $4.50 a year
Whether you’re a professional renovator or a homeowner interested in restoring your house to its historic glory, you’ll find the latest techniques and information in this magazine.

Save 91% on Outside - just $4.99 a year
Outside magazine is an ideal resource when it comes to travelling or preparing for your next adventure. Issues guide you through planning excursions, offering information and reviews on the best hotel rooms, travel sites and training tools. Each issue is loaded with articles written by like-minded adventurists, detailing their experiences and adventures.

Save 87% on Outdoor Photographer - just $4.99 a year
Written by the world’s leading landscape, wildlife, sports, and travel photographers Outdoor Photographer is an industry leader. Every issue features advice that you will use to improve your photography, evaluations of the latest equipment, and portfolios of stunning photography.

Save 89% on Outdoor Life - just $4.99 a year
Outdoor Life provides the most up-to-date tips and techniques pertaining to all outdoor sports, and lists reviewed testing of the newest gear and equipment.

Save 89% on Popular Science - just $4.99 a year
The What’s New magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.

Save 88% on Vegetarian Times - just $5.50 a year
The magazine explores more aspects of your life than just “green” eating, as articles often cover the latest in things like eco-friendly fashion and beauty products. In every issue you’ll learn about the best “healing” foods, or superstar fruits and vegetables packed with the most antioxidants, enzymes and nutritious value.

Save 89% on Discover - just $5.99 a year
Discover is an award-winning, clearly written general interest magazine devoted to the world of science and technology. It intelligently explores all areas of science from archeology to ecology, technology to medicine, and astronomy to physics.

Save 90% on Dwell - just $5.99 a year
Dwell is an architecture and design magazine that is devoted to the modern aesthetic. Dwell magazine is also well known for its keen attention to environmentally conscious options and availabilities in the efforts to modernize your home.

Save 73% on Hobby Farm Home Magazine - just $7.99 a year
Hobby Farm Home celebrates traditional farm life with modern flair. Articles include cooking with home-grown produce and farm-raised meat, the decor of the farmhouse, reviving farm traditions, and the handmade creation of objects-bringing the farm indoors.

Save 74% on Urban Farm - just $8.99 a year
Brought to you by the editors of Hobby Farms, Urban Farm magazine is a useful, informational and intriguing guide to sustainable living. Published for individuals living in cities and the suburbs, every issue is a complete how-to manual on becoming more self-sufficient—starting with growing your own food.

Save 62% on Country Magazine - just $8.99 a year
Beautiful, vivid photography of breathtaking views, landscapes, water, mountains, and more fill the pages of every issue. Country Magazine offers informative content on the livelihood of a country existence, including the fascinating places to see and down-to-earth people to meet. This publication highlights the essence of rural America through true stories and feature articles of its residents. Country Magazine also offers reviews of vacation spots, ratings on inns, and home-style recipes.

Save 63% on Hobby Farms - just $10.99 a year
Hobby Farms is edited for all rural enthusiasts. It speaks to small farmers working for their livelihood, part-time pocket farmers trying to make a profit and hobby farmers who just enjoy the lifestyle outside of their day jobs. Each issue features new products, tips, tools of the trade, and more!

Save 46% on Ranger Rick - just $11.99 a year
Each issue is packed with everything kids love. Amazing animals, photos, fun facts, crafts, puzzles and more! Includes Junior Membership in the National Wildlife Federation. Suitable for children 7 & up.


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