Thursday, July 26, 2012

Banfield=Bad Business (updated)

UPDATE 7/27/2012:  After this blog post, a post on their facebook wall, an email, a tweet, and another email this time to their CEO, they have decided they could fill our female dog's prescription.  I don't know why it was so difficult and took so much public posting and emailing to get something done.

I usually don't post negative stuff, but I think this time it's important and more people need to see what Banfield is really about.  Go check out all the complaints on their facebook page or go read Consumer Affairs.

Note: of all times I have been to Banfield before, I have never had a problem, but then again, I've never really had any prescriptions filled there before. She has serious anxiety problems and we've done all kinds of training to help it, but putting her on the human generic of Reconcile is the only thing that has helped (it's basically dog prozac and the $4 generic is available at Wal-Mart and Target, just check the list to make sure it matches up) Sorry, but in this economy, paying $60 a month AT LEAST for a dog drug which I can get for Wal-Mart or Target for just $4 a month makes a lot more sense.

Not so happy with Banfield, I was told when I got a prescription for my dog that they would still fill my prescription and refill it even though I was having to move (the military moved us nowhere near a Banfield). Since she already had her year checkup and her shots there at the same time they prescribed the meds we agreed that it made no sense to have me go to another vet and pay to have another annual checkup just to get the prescription filled)

I called Sunday to have them authorize a refill (they just called back today AND they already scheduled an appointment for me on top of that without ASKING) and now it's no you have to come in for a check-up. They stated when I had it filled all I had to do was call and I wouldn't have to go back in, she would ask me how she was doing via phone and we could go from there. They were well aware of the military situation as I pointed it out and asked about it more than once and made sure that it would be ok.  Apparently that is not the case now and that was all a big fat lie.  I mean I only spend $200 there that day for 2 SHOTS, a heartworm test (because they wouldn't take the one from her other vet), and a 6 month supply of GENERIC heartworm medications.  

I guess I'm out of luck now and I'll have to pay all that money to try and find another vet that will write the human generic form (because $60 a month for a supply of pills is ridiculous when you can get the same thing from Target for $4 a month)  Either way, she will still be off her meds because the Vets around here aren't open on weekends, they close early on Friday and they didn't have any room to squeeze her in.  Awesome.

I'm very disappointed, I'm never going back to another Banfield again. I was flat out lied to and the only one that is going to end up suffering is the dog. She has done so much better on these meds and now she is just going to have to suddenly stop them. Shame on you Banfield, Shame on you.


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