Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A life update...

We're sorry if we have been a little MIA lately.  Life has not been too kind to us and we had a lot thrown on our plate.

We have a little baby who is almost 1 year old and he is super active and always on the go.  My grandmother ended up in the hospital with a brain aneurysm and a 3% chance to live.  She did make it and is in recovery now and has a lot of physical therapy to go through.

Then, my mother ended up in the hospital on life support.  She has been an alcoholic for over a decade and has had several trips to the hospital because she was acting off and was having trouble with her organs.  Not once has she ever actually admitted to drinking, it has always been "ice water."  Imagine growing up with a drunk mother, who was not a nice drunk but a very mean drunk, and one that couldn't even admit to the fact that they had ONE drink, in her world she wasn't drinking any alcohol.  

Well, this trip to the hospital was different.  The ambulance had to be called, they worked on her for close to 30 minutes before they even left for the hospital.  It was THAT BAD.  She ended up on life support and they airlifted her to a hospital that was more equipped to deal with the multitude of issues.  Her organs were not functioning, she had no blood pressure, and her temperature was 94 degrees.  Against all odds she did survive and quite possibly in the most amazing moment of all of this she not only admitted that she had a problem but that she was going to AA meetings.  Will she actually follow through?  Only time will tell.

I may actually end up with my mother after all of this.  For all of the families suffering with a loved one with an addiction, I feel for you, my heart aches for you.  I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  It is an awful thing to have to watch someone suffer with someone with addiction.

Thank you for sticking with us and for reading this.

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  1. I feel for you. My son is an alcoholic and won't admit it. He blames me for all of his troubles and his drinking! Glad you are feeling better.


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