Monday, March 7, 2016

Cancer Updates Weeks 4 & 5

An update for our cancer post, check here to read about it.  Week 2 update can be found here.  Week 3 update can be found here.

We went in for our CBC check on Friday, February 26th and saw the vet techs that adore the little guy.  The vet consulted over the phone when the checks were run since she was out of town.  He was given the go ahead for chemo and he received his chemo that day.  He also had free roam over the vets office since we were the only ones there.  He enjoyed exploring and sniffing everything.   Everything was covered by a pet insurance provided by Healthy Paws.    
 photo mav all alone_zps4dirhyjd.jpg

Thursday, March 3rd we went in to talk to the vet about his honking goose cough.  Seriously, if your dog EVER does this type of cough please go in and see a veterinarian right away it can be really serious, like deadly serious.   We took x-rays that day of his chest and throat (I wish I had a picture of the x-rays to post, I'll ask next time I'm in if I can take a picture of them so I can post them).  Everything looked good in his x-rays.  His liver, spleen, and heart were all normal sized which is a very good and surprising thing in a lymphoma dog.  He was diagnosed with tracheitis, or canine cough and was sent home with cough medicine.

We also ran the CBC and we came back Friday for our chemo treatment.  It was an IV drip so I dropped him off and left him for a few hours.  Of course he enjoyed every moment of being loved on and getting lots of treats.  He was sent home with anti-nausea meds and diarrhea meds just in case, we haven't needed them thankfully.  He is a very easy going dog and everyone comments on how good he is and how lovable he is.  Trust me, he is the most lovable dog ever.   The love between him and our 6 month old baby is just amazing to see, the giggles that come out of the baby every time he sees the dog is just heart warming.

 photo Maverick_zps0ttx64tw.jpg
They matched his bandage to his coat.  Coat is a custom from Made by Meadowkitten

For our pet insurance we pay about $40 a month for him and we get 90% of what we pay back after we hit our $250 annual deductible, which we hit months ago.  His first cancer go, we hit our deductible in 1 visit.  Healthy Paws is so easy to work with.  We faxed them all our of records in the beginning and now all we do is snap pictures of invoices with our phone and in about a week there is a check or two in our mailbox.  They have an easy to use mobile app.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.


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