Friday, January 29, 2016

Our favorite ways to save money on every day items

We like to save money, especially on every day items.  Who doesn't like to save money?  Times are tough and why should we pay more for something if we don't have to?  We don't extreme coupon or clear shelves, we only buy what we need and what we will use.  We also don't have a huge stockpile, so don't get the wrong idea about us.

So, we are going to share our favorite ways to save money with everyone.

First, coupons.  Print and clip those coupons!  Every little bit adds up, especially when you can stack with store sales and the rest of our methods of saving.  Our go to site to print is

For clipping coupons, we subscribe to the newspaper.  We only get 1 newspaper on Sunday, we know other people get 4 newspapers but that isn't for us.  For newspaper deals check out Groupon and LivingSocial.  You can usually find a good deal for a Sunday only delivery for your local newspaper, much cheaper than newsstand prices.

Second, shop those sale ads.  If you look at the ads every week you get used to the sale prices and normal prices and you can gauge what is a good stock up price for you.  Meat is something we like to stock up on if it's cheap because it freezes well.  We normally buy the family size packs of hamburger meat and pre mix it into meals and freeze those.  Freezer meals are pretty awesome as well.  Pasta is also something good to stock up on,  you can do a lot of things with pasta.

Third, use cash back apps!  Seriously!  You can save so much money using these apps.  We will list all of the ones we use.

Ibotta - We have been using this for a long time.   Plus, all you need is a grocery receipt to get started.  It's simple, open the app and pick the grocery store you shop at and you pick the rebates for items that you are interested in purchasing.   Plus, join using this link and get a $10 bonus just for uploading your first receipt.  That is $10 FREE dollars just for using the app.

Find&Save - We just started using this app but we love it!  Hurry up and download it and use code CR87 when you install it.  As soon as you hit $25 it automatically deposits that in your Paypal account!  All you have to do is upload pictures of your receipts and it is for purchases for the entire store and not just certain items (except on rare occasions)

Checkout51 - Another app where you choose rebates and upload receipts.  The new rebates get added every Thursday.  After Christmas we ended up MAKING MONEY on all of our glade purchases from Target, clearance plus Checkout51 which offered a bonus for every combo of offers that was redeemed.   We spent $5 and got $19 back from Checkout51.  They send you an actual check, they don't deposit like some of the other apps but either way you still get your money.

Mobisave - This is an awesome app, just make sure you select your offers BEFORE you go shopping and checkout at the store.  When you are done you upload your receipt and when your receipt gets approved you get paid IMMEDIATELY to your Paypal account.  It is now available on Android and Apple so go download this.
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