Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Save up to 75% on Dog Chews and Treats

Doggyloot is one of the top flash sites for dog deals.  They offer up to 75% on dog chews, treats, accessories, and more.  They typically have 14-16 deals going on at one time.  Plus, new customers can get $5 off their first purchase by clicking this link and registering for doggyloot.  Don't worry, your information is safe and you don't need to pay to join doggyloot.  All you need to register is your email address and weight range of your dog, you can unsubscribe at any time and only need to enter payment information if you purchase something.  Only new customers can register and receive a free $5 credit (one per household), so if you are an existing customer, click here to go to doggyloot.  All the deals available on doggyloot come with FREE Shipping.

Save 50% on 12 Hare Ear Chews - $12, Shipping Included

If your pup has a resistance to most meat-based chews, we have a great alternative! Real Hare Ears come from Wild Hare in Argentina. With a natural diet in one of the finest, sustainable environments in the world, Argentine Hare truly make a natural, healthy snack for your dog! Oils naturally occurring in the ears are an added bonus for your dog's skin and coat! There are no added hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! Patagonia Wild Hare is renowned for its special tenderness, intense taste, and superb quality!
New Customers - Get this deal for only $7, shipping included.

Get 3 Rib Bones for just $10, shipping included

Mmm, ribs. People love them, and dogs do too! With this deal, you'll get three slightly smoked rib bones for dogs from Best Bully Sticks. Each long-lasting chew is about 6" to 7" long and filled with a delicious beef flavor! These great bones even still have the marrow inside as an extra-special treat for Fido.
New Customers - Get this deal for only $5, shipping included.

Save 30% on Himalayan Dog Chews - Starting at $16, shipping included

Fun Fact about Himalayan Dog Chews - When they get down to a small little piece, you can put them in the microwave for a few seconds, they will puff up then when they cool down you can give them to your dog. 

During service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, the company founders rescued an abandoned puppy. As the dog was teething and there was no access to the plethora of products available here in the United States, they improvised. The locals gave her an ancient traditional recipe made with yak and cow milk and all-natural products - free of chemicals or preservatives. These chews are a wonder - one of the longest-lasting chews available! They're typically hardier than bully sticks and will give dogs something tasty to work on for hours.  You can also set up a repeat delivery for this deal so no more waiting for them to come back around.  With this deal you will receive 2 packs for the size you select: Small is available for $18, Medium is available for $16, and Extra Large is available for $31.  Don't forget to take $5 off is you are a new customer.

Save 35% on TWO Packs of Zuke's Super Treats - $13, shipping included

Super nutritious and super delicious - Zuke's Supers treats are the best-tasting all-natural healthy snacks around! Made in the USA and full of superfoods like berries, betas, and greens, these soft dog treats give your dog the energy he needs to spend the day playing fetch or chasing his doggy friends - free from wheat, corn, fillers, and additives. With this deal, you'll get two 6oz packs of Zuke's Supers - choose from three great flavors: Yummy Betas Blend, Yummy Berry Blend, or Tasty Greens Blend.
New Customers - Get this deal for only $8, shipping included.

Save 35% on 17 Bags of Pup Chips - $15, shipping included

It's hard to make it through a whole day without a snack. We all know it, and so does your dog. Pup Chips are the perfect solution for those mid-day hunger pangs. Designed to be used on-the-go, Pup Chips come in a convenient pouch that is perfect for tossing in your bag before you leave home. All flavors of Pup Chips are made from wholesome ingredients including ground rice, corn, barley and chicken liver. This deal comes with 17 bags (.5oz) in your choice of Chicken, Liver, or Yogurt & Berry. Pup Chips are made in the USA.
New Customers - Get this deal for only $10, shipping included.

Save 44% on TWO Bags of Health Bone Training Treats - $14, shipping included.

Health Bone Training Treats are made with healthy ingredients like honey, quinoa, and pumpkin. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and DHA! Best of all, they contain only 1.9 calories each, so you can reward your dog often, knowing you are giving them a handful of health and not a handful of extra weight. With this deal, you'll get two bags of either chicken or pork.
New Customers - Get this deal for only $9, shipping included.

Save 23% on a bag of Feelgood Ranch Bars - $10, shipping included.

Give your pup to a treat that'll make him yelp yippie ki-yay! These Ranch Bars from Feelgood are meaty, crunchy cookies made from all-natural, organic ingredients. The crunchy bars are wheat, gluten and preservative-free. Feelgood Ranch Bars are handmade in Canada. You'll get one 8oz bag of beef, chicken, or lamb. Select your flavor at checkout. Each treat is about 2" x 2", so they're better for bigger dogs.
New Customers - Get this deal for only $5, shipping included.


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