Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Save up to 60% on Dog Chews

If you don't know what doggyloot is, you are missing out.  Doggyloot is one of the top flash deals sites for dogs right now.  They offer deals on dog toys, treats, accessories and more for up to 75% off plus all of their deals include FREE shipping.  If you sign up right now, you can get $5 off your first purchase!  Click here to get your free $5 credit.  Note: If you are a NEW CUSTOMER and click any other links besides this one you will not receive your free credit.

Save 30% on Himalayan Dog Chews - Free Shipping

Fun Fact about Himalayan Dog Chews - When they get down to a small little piece, you can put them in the microwave for a few seconds, they will puff up then when they cool down you can give them to your dog. 

During service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, the company founders rescued an abandoned puppy. As the dog was teething and there was no access to the plethora of products available here in the United States, they improvised. The locals gave her an ancient traditional recipe made with yak and cow milk and all-natural products - free of chemicals or preservatives. These chews are a wonder - one of the longest-lasting chews available! They're typically hardier than bully sticks and will give dogs something tasty to work on for hours.  You can also set up a repeat delivery for this deal so no more waiting for them to come back around.  With this deal you will receive 2 packs for the size you select: Small is available for $18, Medium is available for $16, and Extra Large is available for $31.  Don't forget to take $5 off is you are a new customer

Save 33% on TEN 5-inch Ruff Sticks - FREE Shipping

Your dog deserves to be pampered and given the best soft, all-natural dog treat available. Ruff Sticks are 100% natural beef sticks made the old-fashioned way, with no artificial preservatives. Dogs should be able to eat treats that taste great, and be healthy. Ruff Sticks are great treats to hide those pills for your pets. This combination keeps dogs begging for more. This deal gives you ten 6" sticks. Grab some today!  This deal is available for $12, with shipping included in the price.  New customers, don't forget to use the link above to get $5 off your first purchase.

Save 60% on Two Packs of True Chews Chicken Jerky - FREE Shipping

Nothing beats all-natural, high-protein treats for your pup. That's why we're happy to bring you a deal for two 4oz packs of True Chews Chicken Jerky. Made in the USA, the American-sourced chicken jerky fillets are rawhide-free and contain no fillers. Fido will love them! Each 4oz bag is resealable and contains 10-12 jerky fillets.  This deal is available for $12, shipping included.  New customers, don't forget to use the link above to get $5 off your first purchase.

Save 42% on ONE Bag of Free Range Bully Bites - $15 + FREE Shipping, New Customers $10 + FREE Shipping

Your dog will go nuts for long-lasting, all-natural Bully Bites from Free Range Eco Naturals. These odor-free angus bully sticks are made in Argentina from grass-fed, pasture finished cattle - just one ingredient! No added steroids, hormones, pesticides, animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; just wholesome, all-natural goodness. Give your dog the gift of cleaner teeth and satisfied boredom with these tasty treats!  Available for $15, shipping included.  New customers, don't forget to use the link at the top to get your free $5 credit.

CLEARANCE - Save 59% on THREE Bags of Dog Gone Jerky - $16.99 + FREE Shipping, New Customers $11.99 + FREE Shipping

Getting treats may be the best part of your dog's day, so make him even happier by giving him some healthy and delicious jerky. Whether your dog's favorite is pork, chicken or beef, there's a flavor to satisfy each craving he may have. This made-in-USA jerky is made with no preservatives, no fillers, no meat by-products, artificial colors or flavoring, just delicious real meat jerky that he will love. Get three bags of beef, chicken, or pork today! Your dog will thank you later! This deal is availble for $16.99 + FREE Shipping, & New Customers $11.99 + FREE Shipping.

Save 42% on THREE Bags of Calcibone Sticks - $15, shipping included - New customers $10, shipping included

FunBites Calcibone products are fortified with our exclusive Calcium + Phosphorous formula to deliver all the benefits of Calcium while cleaning teeth, removing tartar, improving dog's breath and preventing further periodontal problems. Calcium is considered one of the most important minerals for dog's health. Besides being essential to support healthy teeth and bones, it contributes to the right blood coagulation, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission. These liver flavored rawhide treats are easy to chew, high in protein and low in fat. Get three bags with this deal. $15, shipping included - New customers $10, shipping included


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