Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Save 37% on this Sing, Learn, Play 20-CD Set - Just $24.99 + FREE Shipping.

Music has a positive effect on early childhood development and learning.  You can save 37% on this Sing, Learn, Play 20-CD set which includes songs anywhere from Good Morning songs, to create a fun way for little ones to get up on the morning, to Bath Time songs, this music CD set will take children throughout their day. Relax with Classical Music, jump, run and play with Silly Songs and make any car trip enjoyable with On The Go Songs.  From the award-winning producers at Twin Sisters Productions, this 20 CD set will be a hit for parents, teachers and kids!  

This deal is available for just $24.99 + FREE Shipping.  

This boxset contains twenty CDs (yes, 20!) with each CD having a different theme, such as Mother Goose tunes, animal songs, classical music and science songs.

Great for: Just about any occasion and any time of the day, from “Good Morning Songs” to “Bedtime Songs.”

Why it deserves an Honors award: With 250 songs, it offers a wealth of music to interest little kids

Why parents will like it: Because if the kids don’t like one song, there are plenty of other ones to try.

Yes, it’s true: Over 500 minutes of music is contained in this convenient box set.

Includes the following Songs

1. A Bulldozer Operator
2. A Frog Went A-Courtin'
3. A is for Alligator
4. A Little Cat, Cat, Cat
5. A Pilot Files Her Plane, Plane, Plane
6. A Sailor Went To Sea
7. A Tisket, A Tasket
8. ABC Nursery Rhyme
10. ABCNursery
11. All the Pretty Little Horses
12. All Through the Night
13. All Through The Night-Vocals
14. Alphabet Rock
15. Alphabet Swing
16. An Annoying Song
17. An Educated Guess!
18. Andante Con Variazioni
19. Animal ALphabet
20. Apples And Bananas
21. Are You Sleeping?
22. At the Farm
23. Baa Baa Black
24. Betty Bunny
25. Big Rigs
26. Big Rock Candy Mountains
27. Billy Boy
29. Birthday Bee Bop
30. Birthday Limbo
31. Bought me a Cat
32. Brahms Lullaby
33. Brahms VOCAL
34. Camp Spaghetti
35. Can u Swing your Arms
36. Can You Name
37. Can You Swing Your Arms
38. Cannon in D
39. Clementine
40. Colors
41. Counting by 10s
42. Counting to 10
43. Counting to 20
44. Dance to Your Daddy
45. Dance To Your Daddy-Vocals
46. Days of the Week
47. Did You Ever See A Lassie?
48. Did You Know That
49. Do You Know What Has
50. Do Your Ears Hang Low
51. Down By The Bay
52. Down By The Station
53. Down In The Valley
54. Dress for the Weather
55. Duck, Duck, Goose
56. Eensy Weensy Spider
57. Elbows Off The Table
58. Everywhere We Go
59. Farmer In the Dell
60. Fingers And Toes-Vocals
61. First I'll Learn my ABC
62. Five Little Monkeys Sing A Story
63. Five Little Skunks
64. Five Miles From Home
65. Follow My Directions
66. Fur Elis/Ode to Joy
67. Get Wet
68. Glub, Glub, Glub Your Boat
69. Go To Sleep
70. Go To Sleep Little One VOCAL
71. Golden Slumbers
72. Golden Slumbers VOCAL
73. Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts
74. Have You Ever Seen
75. Have you Wondered
and over 175 more!


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