Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is your dog itching and scratching? Here are some suggestions for relief

Does your dog itch and scratch?  Well HappyTails Canine Spa line has some products that can help you and your dog out.
Shipping is a flat rate of $5.99 to the continental US or FREE if you spend $75 or more.

First, check out their Comfy Dog Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo.  The 9oz bottle is just $14.00 and the Gallon Jug is available for $70.00.  Also available on Amazon.

This shampoo helps relieve dry, itchy skin as well as itching due to allergies, flaking and dander, incessant scratching, and hot spots and irritation.  They use only human grade colloidal oatmeal instead of the inferior oat extract.  The formula also contains botanical extracts of peppermint (an antiseptic agent that also acts as a natural insect repellent) burdock (an anti inflammatory), Indian frankincense (which is is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin) and calendula (used for centuries to heal and soothe irritation).


Fur Butter Deep Conditioner is another excellent product for dogs with dry or damaged coats.  It will leave coats soft, shiny and with a fresh, clean scent.  Available in an 8oz container for $19.00, also available on Amazon.

All natural Fur Butter will leave your little buddy super silky and easy to brush, but the effects are more than just cosmetic; Shea butter moisturizes and conditions the fur while colloidal oatmeal heals dry and itchy skin. Add great things like comfrey, callundula and aloe and you have a product that will not only soothe your itchy dog but also leave his fur astoundingly soft and manageable.

Itchin' For Relief is an Anti-Itch spray for dogs that have incessant itching or those dogs that itch due to allergies.  Available in a 6.7 oz sprayer for $17.00, also available on Amazon.

Relief right where you need it! Our unique "nozzler" spray gets this soothing formula through the fur directly to itchy and irritated skin. No muss, no fuss, no wet dog or wasted product. Every drop of this all-natural product by-passes even the thickest coat and attacks the problem at the source. Itchin’ for Relief contains a blend of Neem, Oat Extract, Litchi and Aloe to soothe irritated skin while Boswellia Serrata & Calendula help to reduce inflammation. We’ve also included Grapefruit seed Extract to prevent both bacterial and fungal infections.

Flea the Scene Outdoor Spray - for those dogs with active lifestyles this contains NO pesticides or poisons and is completely safe if ingested.  Flea the scene is not intended to replace Frontline or Advantix or any other topical flea medication but is an excellent complement to over the counter flea and tick products.  Available in a 7 oz bottle for $14.00, also available on Amazon.

Paw & Nose Rub will relive itching from bug bits and will also alleviate the discomfort of dry and itchy skin.  Great for those dogs that chew on their feet a lot from allergies.  Available in a 3 oz container for $19.95, also available on Amazon.

Whether it's the salt covered streets of the frozen north or the dry arid tarmac of the southwest, dry cracked noses and paws are a fact of life for dogs around the country. This blissful balm will alleviate the discomfort with creamy Shea Butter and soothing coconut oil. The smooth balm also provides fast relief for eczema, hot spots and insect bites with good stuff like mango seed butter, hemp seed oil and peppermint oil. Don't worry, if your dog licks it off it's perfectly safe to ingest. (It's also great for your dry cuticles, elbows & dry patches!)

Special Offer- Save 39% on a Peppermint Anti-Itch Trio, plus get a carrying case for FREE and you get FREE Shipping.  On sale for $29.99, normally $49.  This offer includes Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo, Paw Rub, Peppermint and Tea Tree spray and a bone shaped carrying case.


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