Saturday, December 29, 2012

Interactive Treat Dispensing Toys on Sale! Including Orbee Tough Toys

Save 46% on TWO Irresistiball Treat-Dispensing Toys - $14 + FREE Shipping

Pet Qwerks Irresistaball Treat Dispenser is a fun way to get your pet excited about exercise! Made of high-quality rubber, the Irresistaball will have your pet jumping and catching for hours. Filling it with their favorite treats will motivate them even more! Reward your buddy for a hard day of playing with Pet Qwerks Irresistaball! The Irresistaball has grooves on the outside for wacky bouncing, holds treats inside and is durable. Get two Irresistaballs, in assorted colors, with this deal.  This deal is available on Doggyloot for just $14 + FREE Shipping.  But, if you are new to Doggyloot, please click here to receive your free $5 credit just for signing up, making this deal just $9 with Free Shipping.  There are no fees involved with joining all you have to do is enter your email address and your dog's weight range.

Save 42% on TWO Planet Dog Fruit or Vegetable Toys - as low as $9 (small) or $17 (large) + FREE Shipping

Your dog may not like to eat his fruits and veggies, but he'd sure like to play with them! Planet Dog Fruit and Vegetable toys are made of Orbee-Tuff material which is designed to withstand aggressive chewing. With this deal, you'll get a small raspberry and strawberry, or a large artichoke and eggplant toy. Planet Dog Fruit/Veggie toys are non-toxic, washable, and made in the USA.

With this deal you get Two Small Fruits - Raspberry & Strawberry - for $14 + FREE Shipping.  But, if you are new to doggyloot, please click here to get your free $5 credit just for signing up and this deal will be $9 + FREE Shipping.  You can use this credit on any deal in the future if you choose to wait.

Or this deal also offers a choice for Two large Vegetables - Artichoke & Eggplant - for $22 + FREE Shipping.  But, if you are new to doggyloot, please click here to get your free $5 credit just for signing up and this deal will be $17 + FREE Shipping.

These are also available on Amazon (the following ALL have Treat Spots and FREE Shipping unless otherwise noted)

Save 36% on One Mojo Fling Treat Ball - $9 + Free Shipping for the small or $10 + Free Shipping for the Medium

This durable, industrial strength ball is just what your dog needs to keep himself busy. The Mojo Fling Treat ball is puncture-resistant, floats, cleans your dog's teeth, and exercises his jaw. It's hollow treat belly keeps dogs interested all day and its smooth egg shape creates a slippery grip and a crazy bounce. Your dog will absolutely love this toy. This deal comes with one Mojo Fling Treat ball in assorted colors; green, blue or red and in small or medium.  The Small size is recommended for dogs under 20 lbs and the medium is recommended for dogs over 20 lbs.  Right now this is available on Doggyloot for $9 for the small, but if you are a new customer click this link get a free $5 credit to score this toy for $4 with FREE Shipping.  If you want the medium ($10), you can click this link and you will receive a free $5 credit making the toy just $5 plus FREE Shipping.

If you aren't sure what doggyloot is, it is one of the top flash sites for dog deals right now.  They offer deals on toys, treats, chews, accessories and more for dogs at up to 75% off, plus every single deal comes with FREE Shipping.  They typically have 10-15 deals going on at one time and they refresh them at least once a week.  When new customers sign up by clicking this link or any other link that I have specified in this post they qualify for a free $5 credit.  This link is ONLY good for new customers, so all other customers, please click any other link.  All it takes to sign up is your email address and the weight range of your dog.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


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