Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rescued a Rabbit today

Well today while driving home I noticed a bunny in the middle of the road and being the animal lover that I am I pulled over to help him.  Sadly, living in the middle of nowhere and people around here eat rabbits means not a lot of people rehabilitate them.  By not a lot, I mean no one for about 2 hours.  

He has no apparent external injuries but it appears that he may have been clipped or brushed by a car.  His legs do not appear to be broken but he is severely dehydrated so for now I am focusing on re hydrating him. Note: rabbits are very hard to rehab so I don't recommend that you try it.  I have rehabbed before and I have no other options for now, he is staying.

I honestly didn't think he would make it past an hour, but here he is 9 hours later and still around.  He was severely stiff, cold, and out of it when I picked him up.  It's morbid saying I thought he would die, but sometimes you have to be realistic.  He is a WILD rabbit so he will not be staying with me if he makes it. DISCLOSURE SOME LINKS INCLUDED IN THIS POST MAY BE AFFILIATE LINKS FOR WHICH I MAY RECEIVE A COMMISSION WHEN YOU CLICK THROUGH THE LINK.

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