Monday, October 22, 2012

Just ordered from Mr. Chewy (great savings)

I just ordered 2 bags of Holistic Select Dog food and saved $25 by setting up my auto-ship order to save 15% and using a promo code for 10% off. You can use KAHL8901  and by using this you will save 10% on top of the 15% by setting up the auto-ship (which you can change or cancel at anytime) AND they will donate $10 to Best Friends Animal Society!

The 30lb bag of Holistic Select is normally $51.99 so I'm pretty happy with this deal.  Normally I would have paid $103.98 for the bags and I paid only $79 for TWO bags.

Please note: I received no compensation for this post, nor am I an affiliate.  I just posted this because I was happy with what I saved and they donate money when someone uses the promo code and anything that helps animals is ok by me :) DISCLOSURE SOME LINKS INCLUDED IN THIS POST MAY BE AFFILIATE LINKS FOR WHICH I MAY RECEIVE A COMMISSION WHEN YOU CLICK THROUGH THE LINK.

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